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Here's the Multisend page:

Token multipayment - list of tokens support multisend. To select another merchant's wallets, you need to select a merchant in the header switcher.

Addresses with Amounts - block for entering addresses and amounts separated by ";".

Upload file - the ability to download a list of addresses and amounts using .csv file (example.csv).

Show examples - demonstration of the correctness of filling in the Addresses with Amounts field.

Keep the first one - if there are duplicate addresses, then clicking on this item leaves the first one.

Merge balances - if there are duplicate addresses, then clicking on this item sums up all the amounts and leaves one address.

Keep duplicate addresses - if there are duplicate addresses, then clicking on this item saves all duplicate addresses.

Clicking to the Next button estimates the System Fee, approves multisend and estimates Miner Fee

List of recipients - list of wallets and amounts.

Total number of addresess - total number of addresses for multisend.

Total number of transactions need - for all tokens, one transaction is required for every 200 addresses, for example, if there are 1000 addresses, 5 transactions will be performed.

Aproximate costs of miner fee - depends on the number of addresses and transactions, determined by the blockchain.

Aproximate costs of system fee:

  • BNB 1 - 10 + 0.0152 BNB for each address (max 0.152 BNB) 11 - 200 - 0.1522 BNB +0.0002 BNB for each address Max fee 0.1896 BNB

  • ETH 1-10 +0.0019 ETH for each address (max 0.019 ETH) 11 - 200 - 0.0193 ETH +0.00036 ETH for each address Max fee 0.0876 ETH

Total number of tokens to be sent (Allowance) - the maximum amount of the token that the user can withdraw. For example, if a user estimates 100 USDT, then estimates 99 USDT, but the value of this field will be 100 because this amount has already been approved.

Your token balance - wallet token balance.

Your ETH balance - wallet main currency balance.

You need to input 2FA to confirm multisend:

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