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Can I exchange my currency to another currency ?‚Äč

To exchange currency to another currency you should open the Swap page:

Swap is a currency exchange implemented through the SwapSpace service.

Swap stable coin - separate swap for stablecoins, which includes integration with Allbridge Core.

To create a new swap you need to click on the "Create New Swap" button:

Select the currency you want to exchange and which you want to receive, also select the wallet from which the funds will be withdrawn and the wallet to which the funds will be credited. After that, you go to the list of partners clicking on the "View offers" button.

Select the partner that works best for you and go to the last step by clicking the "Exchange" button.

Click on the "Swap" button to confirm the swap.

After that, a new entry is created in the swap history.

A transaction is created to withdraw the currency that you exchange and a transaction to replenish the currency that you receive.

After that, the swap goes into the "Done" status.