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How to receive a payment for your business

Making payments​

You can receive funds in two ways:

1) Create a crypto wallet and send it to your client in order for him to replenish it:

  • if this is a merchant's wallet, then the transaction will not be created, only wallet balance will be updated:

  • if this is a client's wallet, then first, the client's wallet is replenished, and after that the funds will go to the merchant's wallet:

2) Create a checkout:

  • Donation - checkout without a fixed amount, after creation a link is generated that the user can create for all his clients:

clickId - it can be your web shop order id or customer id or anything else id (only numbers and chars are allowed). This option added to transaction information and search available on it.

  • Sale - checkout with a fixed amount.
  • Cart - use checkout as a shopping cart. In checkout, no amount is created, only fiat currency, amount is passed in the link as a parameter.
  • Sale token - the ability to sell your currency or token, in fact it is peer-to-peer:

Fillable form:

Payment widget:

Confirm exchange:


Payment successful: