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Here's the Checkout page:

You can create donation, sale or sale token:

After registration, a test donation is created:

First of all you need to fill customer Information:

Donation creating

Here's the donation creation form:

Organization name - donation title.

Description - detail information about donation.

Payment methods - currencies in which the user wants to accept payments.

Add photo - the ability to add an image. Specify image url - the ability to add an image by link image.

Expire time - time that charge exists.

Sale creating

Here's the sale creation form:

Enter price - selling price in fiat currency.

After creation you can share a link or embed a payment button on your website to start accepting payments:

clickId - it can be your web shop order id or customer id or anything else id (only numbers and chars are allowed). This option added to transaction information and search available on it.

There is a list of abilities for checkout:

Transactions - allows you to find transactions for a specific checkout using the checkout identifier.

Copy link - allows you to copy checkout's link.

Duplicate - allows you to copy the checkout with the necessary adjustments.

Edit - allows you to edit a checkout.

Delete - allows you to delete a checkout.

You can also search for checkouts by checkout name.